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I could say that I was an enfant prodige, that I was a disciple of Michael Brecker, that I played with the best italian jazzist, but nothing above is real. When I was six, my mother brought me to a classical guitarist master: I escaped after the third bar of solfeggio. But the music was within me. and there remained. Then, when I was 31, a girl asked me: "If you like music so much, why don't you begin to study saxophone?
I began to study sax in a good music school, and the masters made me play standards. but I tought: “Why I have to play standards if I can listen to the original one that is much more beautiful of what I can play?"
So after some years I left the school and I began to get out from me my real music (noises too). I got inspiration for sure from John Coltrane but also from Paul Mc Candless of the Oregon and fom John Lourie of the Lounge Lizards.
Then out of the blue I met the pianist Alessandra Vinci and with her we founded the quintet Dharma. We made a music in between rock, jazz, classical music, pop, ethno-music.
After that I met other musicians as Oscar Bonelli and Stefano Iacoacci; together we founded the group Oshandran. We played a mixture of Tibetan and African music with a jazz sound. Benedetta Capanna was the dancer of the group.
I met also Mauro Tiberi and together we played free-jazz. With Paolo Zampini and Fabio Petrucci we improvised in the bars in the center of Rome. To sum up, everyone was a real outsider!
At the same time the Dharma Duet project was always alive and at the end we decided to publish our musics. The indi label believed in us and we had the opportunity to edit the CD Clazz.
Now I’m interesting to the electronic music and I began a collaboration with Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri. We made a CD and was edited in Belarus at the beginning of the 2011.
Last but not least, poem is an other passion of me and often during our concerts I read my poems.
If you click here you can download some poems.
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Il CD Clazz - La mjusica del Dharma Duet
  Illustrations by: Alessandra vinci - copyright_2010 dharmaduet