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In 1996 Ivo Papadopoulos and Alessandra Vinci, together with Luigi Diana, Emiliano Venditti, and Alberto Esposito, founded the musical group "Dharma". The quintet created original music due to the encounter of musicians with different musical experience: jazz, rock, classical, blues).
Their live concerts were enriched with paintings, choreographies and poetical interventions, so that for several years many artists cooperated with the group (collaborations).

In 1999 the Dharma group released and Alessandra Vinci and Ivo Papadopoulos formed the Dharma duet, often joined by the contemporary dancer Valeria Andreozzi that with her choreography adds a plus-value to the live concerts.

Also with this group their performances are enriched with photograph exhibitions, paintings, action painting and collaborations with other musicians.

The Dharma Duet proceeds its musical research arranging for duo some compositions of the quintet (such as Samskara and Sonata in re minore, included in the CD "Clazz").

The duet creates a new refined musical language that combines the Greek soul with the jazz training of the saxophonist with the marvellous sensitiveness and technique of the pianist.

Is not possible to label in any specific musical genreThe music composed by the Dharma Duet; for this reason Ivo Papadopoulos uses for the firs time the term "Clazz for defining their music, in-between classical jazz music.
Why the name "Dharma"
"Dharma" is a sanscrit (ancient indian) word and it's refers to the Buddhist tradition.
It denotes three meanings:

a) the Mystic Law that permeates all Universes;
b) the corpus of the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni;
c) the mission of every single person in every life.

This name was chosen for the originary jazz-rock quintet for the fact that three members of the group were Buddhist practising, a forth one was a practising's son and a fifth was atheist.
Then, when Ivo Papadopoulos and Alessandra Vinci formed the duet, they maintained the same word for the reason that both of them are Buddhist practising for a long time.
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