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During our concerts many artists, not only musicians, worked with the quintet and the Dharma Duet. More than the dance improvisation, that accompanied the music of the duet, worked with Dharma Duet several graphic artists, painters, photographers; there were some interventions of action painting and sculptural installations too.
We would like to warmly thank them for theirs precious interventions.
As a tribute we list them alphabetically ordered.
Alessandra Cristiani Butoh Dancer
Andrea Trisciuzzi Sculptor
Annabella Palleri Harpist
Annarita Bungaro Singer
Alba Laura Painter >> website
Benedetta Capanna Dancer >> website
Carlo Bordini Drummer
Cristiana Sanzò Cellist
Daniela De Peppe Butoh Dancer
Fabiana Roscioli Painter
Fabio Petrucci Clarinettist
Francesco Passalacqua Drummer and dancer
Giorgina Cantalini Actress >> website
Giulia Iovane Cellist
Leda Mazzariello Painter anc graphic
Lucia Ercoli Actress
Manuela Giovanetti Butoh Dancer
Maurizio Conti Photographer
Mauro Tiberi Polinstrumental and vocalist >> website
Meheran Moaghegh Flautist
Roberto Tollis Percussionist and polinstrumental
Roberto Gonnelli Guitarist and folk singer
Stefano Iacoacci Percussionist >> website
Sya Vocalist
Valentina Sabatini Photographer
Valeria Andreozzi Dancer
Vinicio Ruggiero Flautist
Il CD Clazz - La mjusica del Dharma Duet
  Illustrations by: Alessandra vinci - copyright_2010 dharmaduet