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The term “Clazz” was specifically created for defining the Dharma Duet’s music. Clazz is the right wedding between classical music and jazz, but not only this because in the musics of the duet there is free jazz, world music, new age, pop, the Greek sonorities of the saxophonist’ origins.

Also other musicians, the American group Razz and the Dutch group Clazz Ensemble, had the same idea that means the need to invent other words for defining new musical experimentations.
It’s possible to say that the Dharma Duet composes impressionist music in its melody but expressionist in its manifestation.
Every composition is a picture, an image, a story, a sensation that for sure will arrive to the hart of the audience.
However with the term “Clazz” the two musicians intendeverything new there is in the musical and artist field. Clazz is also a brand of tendency that can find many implementations beyond the music, such as in the fashion, communication.

Dharma Duet is testing a new score, the Musical Hexagram by the Maestro Wu Dao; with a simple addition of upper staff he deleted the additional cuts of the notes up and down the score; such as he unified the clefs of the score (go to the page CD Clazz for more details).

hexagram esagramma musicale
Il CD Clazz - La mjusica del Dharma Duet
  Illustrations by: Alessandra vinci - copyright_2010 dharmaduet