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CD Clazz

The CD Clazz was recorded in 2009 in the studios of the St. Louis College of Music in Rome and was edited by the indi label Terre Sommerse. The CD was presented in the same year and obtained the legal representation of the Greek Embassy in Italy.
It includes 9 original tracks: Samskara, Principessa, Pe Loc - Bartok, Sonata in D minor, Les Enfans, Woyzzek, Phnelopis, Nefertiti 2, Ulysses’ chant. Mehran Moaghegh played flute in the track Les Enfants.
The dharma Duet’s music generally is original but other times they take inspiration from classical and jazz music. The third track of the CD, for example, at the beginning the musicians played the original song of Bartok, Pe loc, and then they play the same song with the intervention of the sax alto. The same is for the last track, “Nefertiti 2”, after the Shorter’s theme, the song become something else without any connection with the original theme. Its like as the themes of the various songs are simply a stimulus for the two musicians.

Nowdays the Dharma Duet is testing a new way to write the music on the score, the Musical Hexagram by Master Wu Dao Gong. Essentially the Chinese master only introducing an upper staff he is able to unify the reading of all notes of all clefs! If you add to an Hexagram other hexagram up and down, you create a score of 27 staff that take all the extension of the piano from the first the last note. This is very useful for the musical reading.
The song “Phnelopis” was first write on a normal score and then transposed on the hexagram. The song “Variations on Do’s Hexagram of Gnossienne n°1” was specifically written for the hexagram.
The Dharma Duet musicians were one of the first that patented a song write on the Hexagram. This song is inspired by the Satie’s music, Gnossienne n° 1. After the original theme the song become completely different and you can find in it Chopin, Jazz and irish music too.

If you click here you can download a small example of the normal score of Phnelopis and the hexagram one.


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Il CD Clazz - La mjusica del Dharma Duet
  Illustrations by: Alessandra vinci - copyright_2010 dharmaduet